About Therapy

We offer affordable, flexible nutrition and colonic hydrotherapy solutions to help you enhance your health. A Green Apple therapist can educate you on healthy diet, supplementary measures, positive mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle. We focus on promoting simple changes to food intake and lifestyle in order to promote good health.

Our diverse team are specialists in: Nutrition, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Exercise and Education. Our emphasis is working with you and explaining ‘why’, not just telling you ‘what’ to do.

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Personal Nutrition

Nutrition Therapy is a treatment that focuses on food and nutrients and the way they interact within our body.
Working with a Green Apple specialist can make big differences to symptoms you have been suffering from for years.

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Colon HydrotherapyColonic Hydrotherapy

A treatment plan with a Green Apple Colonic Hydrotherapist can help enhance digestive function and elimination and address common digestive symptoms.
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Simple Steps Group Health Eating and Weight Loss Program

Group Sessions

Our Simple Steps 6 week Healthy Eating program will provide you with  high quality educational nutrition and lifestyle advice designed by a qualified Nutritionist. Discover the secret of good  health and renewed  vitality by learning the importance of nutrients in food, and following helpful menu plans and fantastic recipes.
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