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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss ProgramSimple Steps Healthy Eating Program


The Program


Simple Steps is a high quality educational healthy eating, weight loss

   and lifestyle program designed by a qualified Nutritionist. The Simple

   Steps program is exactly what it says- a series of simple steps which

   will guide your clients to greater health and vitality.


   Adopt the Simple Steps program and help:

     * Get long term results

     * Achieve a way of living that avoids dieting and calorie counting

     * Take charge of their health and feel great on every level

     * Learn about their body and the food it needs

     * Take a weekly step by step journey, promoting the value of good


     * Discover how food nutrients interact within the body

     * Identify symptoms and signs to look for when things go right or


     * Receive face to face support

     * Obtain meal plans and tasty menus

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