Corporate Program

Green Apple Corporate Wellness Program

The Green Apple team of specialist wellness consultants, can help you find the health program that suits your business.

Our program encougrages people to take the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of disease or illness and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The Wellness program can be tailor- made to fit your needs and is available  on a large or small scale, providing: onsite lifestyle health assessments, topical health and nutrition support, healthy eating programs, exercise and lifestyle advice.

An Investment in Health

Our Corporate Wellness program is an investment into the health of  staff, and can help to improve both physical and psychological health as well as company productivity.

The Lifestyle Health Assessment can provide employees with a baseline of information from which to measure health improvement. Together with the correct lifestyle, nutrition and exercise advice, the risk of illness and disease is reduced.

Health Assessment

Our Green Apple Health Assessment combines the use of the latest technology by health specialists in their field. The Green Apple team can tailor a wellness programe that fits the needs of your business; choices include:

  • Blood pressurecorporate wellbeing
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • Body mass index
  • Total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol
  • Non-fasting blood glucose
  • Lifestyle review
  • Activity and leisure observations

The Benefits

Our testing and recommendations can improve and positively change the health of employees. These tests form a baseline of information from which to measure and monitor improvement.

Report and Support

A personal report is generated to assist employees understand key lifestyle issues which directly affect health, wellness and life quality.

In order to make desirable lifestyle changes, potential problem areas are identified and advice and support is given towards positive changes which will make the difference.

Simple Steps Healthy Eating Program

Simple Steps is a healthy eating program  delivered by experts in the field of nutrition.

The delivery of the program can be tailored to meet the needs of your employees including:

  • 6 week rolling program
  • Topical health and nutrition talks
  • Health awareness days
  • One to One Consultations

 Simple Steps

  • Provides high quality educational nutrition and lifestyle advice designed by qualified nutritionists.
  • Helps you to rediscover great health and energy.
  • Educates you on the nutrient value of food.
  • Gives easy to follow menu plans and recipes.
  • Provides support for long term health and success.

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