Health, Therapy and Training with Green Apple Makes the Difference

Who are we?

We are a leading health and therapy training provider with a first class reputation for delivering internationally recognized qualifications.

Our dedication is to training and developing individuals from all walks of life by offering a range of courses which can be studied at home and through attendance, giving face to face contact with tutors assessors and peers.

What do we offer?

We provide a number of services including health and  therapy training courses, one to one treatments and personal nutrition consultations.

Simple Steps is our very successful healthy eating, group program. 


Are you looking to broaden your skills, update your expertise or get a competitive edge on a new career? If so Green Apple has the perfect course to fit your needs.

All of our students have access to their own personal course tutor who specializes in their field of education and is totally committed to helping you succeed.


Personal Therapy & Treatments

Personal Therapy Treatments

We offer affordable, flexible nutrition and colonic hydrotherapy solutions to help you become the person you want to be. A Green Apple therapist can educate you on healthy diet, supplementary measures, positive mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle.



Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Our Corporate Wellness program is an investment into the health of  staff, and can help to improve both physical and psychological health as well as company productivity. The Lifestyle Health Assessment provides employees with a baseline of information from which to measure health improvement. With our program your employees will get more than just the test results – they will also receive nutritional and lifestyle guidance to help them improve their health and performance.


Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Program

Simple Steps Group Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Program

Our Simple Steps 6 week Healthy Eating program will provide you with  high quality educational nutrition and lifestyle advice designed by a qualified Nutritionist. Discover the secret of good  health and renewed  vitality by learning the importance of nutrients in food, and following helpful menu plans and fantastic recipes.


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